Brand Hijack

Adapt and Grow’s best-performing OOH campaign and social sidekick
that gave our legal teams a near heart attack.

MARKies 2020 | SILVER, Most Creative – Digital
Marketing Excellence Awards 2019 | BRONZE, Excellence in OOH Advertising
Did you hear about the one time IKEA, McDonald’s, Grab and Uniqlo got their identities stolen borrowed?
Long story short, we were tasked to get Adapt and Grow’s name in the public’s headspace.
Why? Because they provide free career support that Singaporeans need. Free.
But people barely knew they existed.
So, we launched four doppelgänger ads.
Designs that walked the same walk. Lines that talked the same talk.
All strategically located where our hijacked brands were found, island-wide.
Of course, we didn’t stop there.
We took over Singaporeans’ screen time by spoofing their favourite social promos: airfare deals,
exclusive fast food launches and more.
And boy, did it work.
Even the brands themselves couldn’t resist getting in on the conversation.


In late-2019, when fresh grads were facing a lack of stable entry-level opportunities, we suited up as
their favourite trending food brands…
Plus their favourite Halloween event…
Halloween Career Trick-or-Treat |

Haunted by the job search process? Banish your troubles and turn things around with With plenty of career opportunities for fresh graduates, you can turn this nightmare into a thrilling career journey!

Posted by Workforce Singapore - WSG on Sunday, 13 October 2019
And we partnered with the news platforms they follow religiously,
to connect this social generation with available opportunities on our job search portal
Last but not least, full-page insurance spoof ads in the papers helped convince worrisome parents
that the solution to their children’s job hunt woes, lay but a weblink away.
Client: Workforce Singapore, Adapt and Grow