Spark The Next

The revolution that gave our youths the power to create Singapore’s tomorrow.

Awards | MARKies 2020
GOLD, Most Creative – TV/Video Advertising
BRONZE, Most Creative – Communications/PR
BRONZE, Most Creative – Out-of-Home
While most countries plan for the future, these plans are usually a mish-mash of what older generations
think is best for the ‘youngins.
Thankfully, the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth decided to get real voices that matter, at the table. And not just a handful, but the whole nation’s millennial and Gen-Z population.
Over two years and three phases, we rallied Singapore’s youth to Spark The Next.

Drop the beat

The campaign kicked off with a rousing brand film, featuring familiar young faces lighting up the trail for more in store
and calling on their fellow youths to get tuned in.
But we didn’t want to just assume what change youths wanted. They needed the outlet to tell us what that change is.

Tell us what you really really want

So, we grabbed every opportunity to get their opinions online and on-ground.

MRT platform ads were converted into ‘poll stations’ directing youths online to tell us what themes and values for change they wanted.

Screenshot 2020-10-08 at 12.04.31 PM

Interactive polls were also blasted on IG Stories and we linked youths up with campaign panellists and influencers to chat about Spark The Next.

This collectively drove youths down to our on-ground experiences, workshops and events, driving advocacy island-wide.
From these initiatives, we were able to identify the Top 5 areas where youths wanted change:
Progress, Sustainability, Confidence, Inclusiveness & Care.

We will follow you, follow you wherever you may go

Next, we took over youth home-grounds and established spaces for them to learn more about each theme and submit their own ideas
for change.
School Takeover
In 13 institutes of higher learning, we invited youths to rub shoulders with their favourite local personalities over bubble tea,
while swapping thoughts and sharing ideas on the Top 5 themes.
Youth Hangouts
We hijacked malls with interactive art installations that got youths involved hands-on to learn more about each theme
through touch, sight, and sound, motivating them to take on active roles in living the change they wanted to see.

Room for Change
In a digitised room setup, interacting with related pieces of furniture educated youths on the consequences of fast fashion, plastic waste and electronic waste, prompting them to submit their ideas for constructive change.

The Invisible Gallery
Walking up to a row of blank canvases, youths shined smartphone flashlights on each canvas to reveal peer portraits and stories of their unseen struggles like mental health conditions, motivating youths to reach out and help those around them.

Approaching the statues of successful Singaporeans’ younger selves, youths were greeted with a “call” from the personality via an iPad, who encouraged them to define and pursue their own success confidently.

YLU Immersive
Youths also submitted entries to win exclusive workshops with each personality, and we turned each session into an immersive experience for our winners who got first-hand advice in a cosy heart-to-heart with their role models.

Own It!

Of course, youths wanted something to call their own and openly flex their support for STN. So we collab-ed with young creatives who designed merch for specific causes. Purchases = charity donations, empowering youths to pay change forward.

When Purpose x Hype meet…

Last but not least, we linked up with 8 content platforms to maximise interest surrounding our installations and kept conversations through insightful and shareable content that connected each theme to everyday people and stories.
This sparked participation beyond the initial campaign run, keeping their changemaker spirit alive and roaring.
Client: Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth