The kick-ass campaign that empowered Singaporeans to fight for their health,
against an unlikely villain: white rice.

The second leading cause of death in Singapore? Diabetes.
What causes diabetes? A high sugar intake.
What has an inconspicuously high sugar content? White rice.
The Asian household staple. Uh oh.
Faced with a national dilemma and an impossible task of convincing Singaporeans to throw out their much-loved grain,
we instead leveraged a beloved holiday delicacy and nutrition science for a simple ask:
just switch to brown rice – starting with ba zhangs (rice dumplings). 


Kungfu Fighter: A Hero Rices | Brand Film
400,000+ views in 2 weeks
In true Dragon Boat Festival fashion, we launched an epic Kungfu blockbuster that rallied Singaporeans to the cause by educating viewers on white rice’s unseen sugar content, and encouraging a brown rice-inclusive diet.
To make sure we covered all bases, we screened cut-downs of our brand film in cinemas island-wide to share
the most important bites of our healthful takeaways.
Kungfu Kitchen, Laughing Chefs | Dumpling Tutorial
350,000+ views in 2 weeks
Then on social, we served up a brown rice dumpling tutorial that dished out healthful advice. Guest staring local entertainment legend Liu Ling Ling, we whet viewers’ appetite for brown rice with mouth-watering comedy that kept them coming back for more.
We also combined forces with popular content platforms to share Gen-Z’s candid take on this health foodie trend and the verdict showed – eating clean is in.

The Smart Local – TVC Reaction + Taste Test
30,000+ views

Mothership Satirical Article
50,000+ views

Miss Tam Chiak – Dumpling Taste Test + Comparison
67,000+ views

ieatishootipost – Dumpling Showdown
50,000+ views

Mr. Brown – Cooking Tutorial Spoof
50,000+ views


The proof is in the dumpling, so we conducted hearty and humour-rich blind taste tests island-wide…

300,000+ views in 2 weeks

And sent our dumplings to the hottest Mandarin radio stations for their honest reviews.
Organic responses from impressed Singaporeans and local DJs vouched for the great flavour and sent interest on a surge.
Screenshot 2020-10-09 at 11.30.19 AM


They gobbled.
On a one-day brown rice dumpling giveaway, snaking queues formed from 8AM, and 1,000+ brown rice dumplings
were snatched up within the first 3 hours.
The campaign gained prominent features from locals, media outlets and prominent nation leaders who
shared our campaign videos, speaking supportively of the Kungfu campaign’s healthful call-to-action.
At the end of yet another epic battle, we rallied Singaporeans to combat diabetes head-on
and march strong towards victory in the War Against Diabetes.
Client: Ministry of Communication and Information