Singapore’s first historical social media platform that had students lapping up all the gossip (historical facts) they couldn’t care less about from their books.

No student likes History class. It’s a bore.
But, almost every adolescent loves social media and witnessing the latest gossip unravel.
Together with Singapore Bicentennial Office, we packaged 700 years of Singapore’s history into an interactive history book,
disguised as a social media platform.
Students could navigate through the profiles of 25 prominent historical figures,
to witness their discussions with allies or foes and learn the dynamic stories behind Singapore’s roots.
Each profile came complete with a stylised character video, interactive posts of different formats on each
pivotal historical event, plus historical sub-references to help with essay writing.
Pivot 1 Long View copy
This medium was used in Singapore’s school curriculum for a year, replacing the need for a physical textbook
and students took to it like a fish in water.
(And for once, students could believe everything they read on the Internet.)
Client: Singapore Bicentennial Office