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On our third episode of ‘kky with caren: on self-love, growth and everything in between’, we’re shaping up the second half of our foundation: preparing the mental-emotional space for your journey. We’ll look into our inner spaces, consider new perspective and understanding on what it is and how it works, get personal with past experiences that created a phobia I only identified this year (trigger warning: bullying) and an inner space I struggled with – plus how I work through it, and rounding up with five things anyone can do to build their inner space into one that supports wholesomely. Last but not least, we wrap with answering our first ever listener question!

• Intro: Your Inner Space – (0:03:40)
• The ‘Sky’ Concept – (0:11:32)
• Personal Stories: An Identified Phobia, My Inner Space & Re-building – (0:16:49)
• Advice & Actionables – (0:45:06)
• Listener Question: What’s your thought process in determining if something is right for you? – (0:51:18)

For further material, PLEASE check out Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche’s full video and channel on YouTube, here <a href=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ro4k70dHCL0″>here</a>.

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